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i won the drama scholarship! it's a series of musical theatre workshops that runs for a week and i work with theatre professionals to improve my acting, singing and dancing skills! i'm so excited! and the school pays 3/4 of the fee!!


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Congrats! I hope everything g

Congrats! I hope everything goes well for you.

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hey congrats! drama is awesom

hey congrats! drama is awesome!

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OMG!...that sounds like fun..

OMG!...that sounds like fun...congradulations

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glad to hear that

congrats!!! have fun...

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Sounds awesome!

Just saw the closing night of Chorus Line tonight in SF (before it moves to Broadway later this month), so I'm all for people pursuing theater... love it.

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sounds cool!delighted for ya!

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Hell yeah

Damn cool man. I'm glad - drama school courses can cost a bloody ton, that scholarship really helps

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