I'm back now.

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I was gone for a little while, we went to PA to escape the house. My dad needed it.

I still don't know whats happening with my parents, right now my mom and my sister are staying somewhere else. And I miss them. And my moms cell phone is off soo... D:

In other news, I haven't seen Sora for a little while, but I really feel ready to come out to her and stuff. But I don't know when I'll be able to see her again. She probably has school off today. It being labor day and all. But whatever.

I spoke to Sora on the phone the other day, she sounded so happy when I told her I'd be back soon that I almost told her how cute she is. But I caught myself. X3

And also, I went to Longwood Gardens before coming back from PA. It was amazing. And I took some photos, my dad says I could be a proffesional photographer. (Well, not to me, I overheard him on the phone. X3) Which is great. Sora wants to be a photographer too, and my dad also has a friend in the field. Now I'm not so worried about what I'm going to do when I get older. Not because he said that I could be a proffesional, but because I realized that I can do whatever I want, and I shouldn't worry so much.

Oh, and we saw the cutest thing on the trip back, a plush radio! I would have bought it except I would have never used it and I'm saving the money.

Oh, and thanks so much for taking the time to read my journals, and comment on them. :)


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Thats awesome that things are

Thats awesome that things are better with your dad! Good luck on coming out to her!

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Hey, I live in Wilmington, DE

Hey, I live in Wilmington, DE (Right near PE). This is pretty random, but I totally LOVE Longwood Gardens. I haven't been in a while, though... anyway, sorry about all this shit going on, but... Longwood Gardens is cool. =)

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