I'm offically out (mostly)

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Well, I told my step-dad the other night that. We were arguing, because I had asked my mom to allow me to get my ears pierced. She told my step-dad, and he confronted me about it. He asked me why I insist on going out of my way to be a "freak", etc. I replied "Well, it's my body, why do you care?" to which he said "Listen, when you live in my house, you abide by my rules, and the only way you can leave before you graduate is if you enlist in the military." Then, I replied (probably a dumb move) "Well, they don't accept homosexuals into the military." He just got a blank look on his face, and then after about a minute, he said "Well, maybe the Coast Guard will take you." I then just left, and went to my room and called my best friend Kate and told her about it...she encourages me to come out. A few days after, I bought rainbow shoelaces, and put them on my shoes...so I'm not "out" at school, but if someone asks, I don't deny it...so I am--kind of...whatever...in time, everyone will know; I'm tired of hiding, so I'm not going to.


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congratulations that was re

that was really brave
nothing iz real
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Right on!!!

Congratulations! Be well, dude.

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You go, Taylor! I love thos

You go, Taylor!
I love those shoe laces by the way. :P

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