It seems I shall never stop being an idiot.

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I saw Sora today. We watched a couple of bad movies. And then she was going bowling. And I didn't get the chance to tell her. And I have to make this entry quick because her sister might come over soon.

But grrrr. We were writing back and fourth. (The movie was playing and one of Kim's sisters was annoyed at us talking.) and I didn't use that as a chance. And I'm stupid. Because I didn't say anything about wanting to talk to her. Why am I stupid.

But, on the plus side. She kept leaning on me and stuff. She had her head on my lap at one point, but one of her sisters got home from work and says "You look comfortable" and I point to Sora and say "She is." And I didn't think I sounded annoyed but then she moved away and it would have been majorly akward if I told her not to.

But. If I don't see her again today I'll like. Leave her a note. Saying I need to talk to her. Because this is getting ridicouls. X_X


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Sorry things didn't work out. Anticipation sucks...


"There's a fine line between love and hate
And I don't mind
Just let me say that I like that
I like that"

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dont beat yourself up about i

dont beat yourself up about it youre not an idiot. It just takes a long time to do these things. Good luck!!!!

She said live young and leave a wake of beauty,
it's all I ever could have asked
should have asked from you,
and I wont forget to write you
when I get there soon
cause you'll be lying dead from dreaming (nightmares)

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TELL HER ALREADY! Aw, that's cute that she's all over you. You should definitely take advantage of those moments.

~Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto!~

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You're not an idiot! But... t

You're not an idiot! But... tell her? In my opinion (which has been formed from what I've read of her that you've written), she is inclined towards the bent.

That's exactly what this one other girl did to me when she started to like me- she was all over me.

Go for it! (Good luck, too.)

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aww, that's sweet...

And um, no, not an idiot. You're just nervous. Wouldn't anyone be? I understand it's frustrating dragging it out though. Rrrrrr...

I still think it would be better to tell her in person, but I hope whatever you do works out. I agree, it seems like you've got a good chance with her. I hope things go well for you!!!!