It's journal time! Some relationship advice would be snazzy, yo.

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Hmmm...I haven't written one of these in a while. So, here's the dealio, yo, for whoever's interested. I'm actually kinda getting a love life! Huzzah! It's complicated though, as all matters in love ineluctably become. So there's this guy I really like and I think he's returning the favor. He told me before that he had a crush on me, so I made my move...

The plot thickens, maties. My school's homecoming dance is in a week.

"I'll take "Guys I'm not Going to Homecoming With" for $200 please, Alex."
"He's really cute, awesome, and perfect for you..."
"What is the guy I really like?"

I asked him to the dance a few weeks ago and became an All-American Reject. His reason was that he had a date freshmen year (he's a senior now) and had a horrible time and now he flies solo at all the dances. I took this as, "I'm really not into you, but I'm trying to think of an excuse so your feelings aren't hurt..." because really, that's one of the silliest things I've ever heard. If he really liked me, he probably would've said yes. So when another guy asked me to homecoming a week later I said, "Hellz yeah!" because he's really cool and hilarious to the awesome degree. The only problem is that he's not very attractive. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that the original guy I liked [C u t e n e s s//hardcoreyo] told me after he found out I had a date that he realized he made a mistake and probably should've said yes to my super-cool homecoming request. If Steve Irwin [godblesshissoul] were still alive, he would exclaim, "Crikey!" but I guess a "Holy Cabbage Patch Kids, Batman!" will just have to do. I'm still going to homecoming with the guy who asked me because it would be absolutely craptastic to tell him, "Something suddenly came up! Another guy!" ala Marcia Brady, but after the dance is all said and done and partied-tothemax-woo! I'm planning on telling him that I'd rather be friends because, other than the fact that I'm not really attracted to him, I like someone else and he's such an awesome guy, he deserves someone who can really love him.

Any thoughts or advice on this? Do you think I should tell him this before or after the dance? (Please take slow songs into consideration...) It's kind of a sticky wicket. I just don't want anyone to hate me...*cough cough* considering he's been crushing on me for like a year and I'm about to go out with him on one date and get his hopes up just to dash them by telling him I like someone else *cough cough*


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Next day

Don't tell him till the next day at least. Don't act as if you're too in to him during the dance. Just act as if, and tell him so, that is was just a date, it was fun, thank you very much but I'm sorry I like someone else. Most people accept that dates can be like that

And yes we are all very sorry about steve irwin

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