It's official...I am now Queen of the Dorks

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Yesterday, in my theater class, I set off the building's fire alarm. It was a complete accident, and I certainly did NOT mean to do it, and it turned out fine anyways. My instructor made a few calls and got everything fixed up, but good golly Miss Molly, I screwed up SO badly here. Plus, before class started and we were supposed to be studying our lines, I started goofing around and making a total fool of myself. I on-purpose-fully (how the heck do you say this?) kicked myself in the car when my mom was driving me home, just to make up for being an idiot. Argh.

I found a dead gecko outside on my porch today. Poor little guy. I scooped it into a plastic container and buried it. I wouldn't call it a proper burial though, since it didn't have a coffin. (The only reason I used the container was so I wouldn't have to actually touch it when I buried it.) I said goodbye to it and all, but all I really said was, "Goodbye, little guy. I'll miss you." I tried to remember the whole passage the minister usually reads at funerals. You know, the "ashes to ashes, dust to dust" shmuck? I couldn't recall a thing..

I wanted to make it a headstone, but all I could do was grab a bunch of rock and pile them over its grave. I swiped a couple of flowers from my mom's garden and put them on its burial spot, too.

I think I'm being a little critical of my lack of resources here, but at least the gecko got a funeral. God, I hate the world sometimes. I don't see why this little guy had to die. *sniffles* Stupid, cruel world.

Another example of my dorkiness: it looks like that I now have, instead of one huge crush on one person, I now have a crush on, count 'em, THREE PEOPLE. One girl I've known since preschool, the other is one of the teacher assistants for my acting class (she's only two years older than me, though), and the other one is in the girls' chorus with me at school. Argh. And just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

You know, people should really stop saying/thinking things like, "At least things can't get worse." You always see this kind of scenario in the movies. Protagonists are in big trouble, character says above line, and you know what? Things DO get worse. It's the same in real life. Just when you think it couldn't get worse, something else happens.

Ahh, I just love it when both your head and heart are a screwed-up mess. Oh, and it's even better when you still have math homework to do, too. Sarcasm is fun, isn't it?


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yes... but atleast youre quee

yes... but atleast youre queen of something! I have to look on the brightside its what i do.

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Just let me be..."

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It's ok. I've had many many m

It's ok. I've had many many many dorky moments as well. But I'm really curious as to how you accidently got the fire alarm to go off.

"What great things would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail?"