Journies Through the Shadows, Clinging to old Ghosts and Holding Fast to Hope

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I'm finally in Asheville, living in my new apartment and going to college...

Kinda strange to think I'm actually here when a few months ago I was
nearly on the verge of getting lost in the system and working a pathetic
9 to 5 job in the middle of a town I loathed with every fiber of my
being... Now I'm just working 9-5 in Asheville.. I guess it's the same

Ashe is a weird place... with weirder people... and even weirder stuff going,
but suprisingly, the drama is still the same.. go figure?


Oasis seems to be alive and well. That's good news I suppose.


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Doesn't matter where you go..

Doesn't matter where you go.....there is no where to hide from drama!

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wow i love that title, welcom

wow i love that title, welcome back!

"Who says that there's a soul?
Just let me be..."

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Back at you

You seem to be alive and well also. Good to see

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"