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I’ve been addicted
to you.

I need…
I needle my longing through
With memories of your skin

I sow them together
forming an imagined tapestry
-Pieces of you
together like beads
whose colours tell tales of
joy and love


All these buildings
Remind me of days when you
Pushed me against a wall

And teased me
Kissed me


it was the first
And last
moment we’d ever share

And we’d land on cushioned beds and scented pillows…
Now I ground myself with pills

How I’ve been afflicted
By this

Vile cupid’s venom

He should have shot me dead
-with a real arrow
That would leave my blood cold
When drawn

Not this
Not this cruel weapon
That is now forcefully drawn from my quivering breast
With my heart, my lungs, my all
A kebab of my core

Leaves me staring at the gush of my own
Hot wanting red-
emptying me out
As it spills onto my hands coarse
Like sand
Black like coal-

And slips through my fingers
As I watch you leave.

:“There are thoughts which are prayers.
There are moments when, whatever the posture of the
body, the soul is on its knees.


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your subject is a lucky girl

Signed: call me what you will.