Last Piece of the Puzzle

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I've always wondered what was missing
What it was that caused me to be upset
Why I had so much anger and hate
And why I thought that
Being alone was my fate
But now I know what it is
What it is that was missing
That was causing my rage
Why I felt like an animal
Locked away in some cage

It was you all along
Your the one reason
Why I've been going crazy
You bring joy to my day
You helped me to understand
That there is nothing wrong
With me being gay
Without you I would probably be
Still angry and full of rage
I wouldn't be happy
Like I am today
You've helped me
Piece myself together
And been there for me
In good and stormy weather
You are the last piece of the puzzle
I call life
Without you I would be lost
Eternally searching for
That one thing missing

You are my friend and so much more
You help me be complete
And with this poem
I repeat you are
The most precious thing to me
You are the missing piece to the puzzle
And now my heart is complete