Local Rainbow Boys Issue

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Recently, Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez (who was at a local teen book festival earlier this year) was the only book removed from our local summer reading lists for "sexual content." Of course, this is despite the fatc taht some of the oher books on the list contain rape between an old man and a young girl and numerous other things. I know there are a lot of peopel outraged. My english teacher, an avid christian, is even angered by the removal. My chemistry teacher, and a devout Jewish person, is very upset and talked to her class about it. The girl who sits next to me in english class even wrote an editorial that got published in out "democrat and chronicle" newspaper. I just thought this was interesting. Any comments?

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thats insane, u should get to

thats insane, u should get together with people and fight it...

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Definitely. Somebody needs to get a group together or talk to your school's GSA (if you have one) about this.

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i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Rainbow Boys Trilogy, i have all three and ive read them all, like, three times already. i cant believe that they took it off the list. i mean, youre in high school, right? its not like youve never heard that stuff before. you should start a petition. you might be surprised how many people will be up for it ;-).

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Bite the person who took it off the list. :E

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i agree. bite them.

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No don't bite them yourselves. Get a rabid dog to do it

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You could do what my friend k

You could do what my friend kayla did...they had removed the book "keeping you a secret" in our library and she bought like 20 copies of it and put them all over the library and got people to check them out. it was funny. but yet sorta stupid. or like some said bite them!!!

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I'd be bitching at someone...

Yeah, I once found that book and back then i was all, "eep, gay people." Then I grew up and realized I';m a lesbian, and never found it again.

Anyway. I'd go talk to whoever took that book off the list. I'd say that's probably one of the most important subjects a student could read about these days.

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I am disgusted with whoever is responsible for the banning of the novels. Just because of the gay content? HELLO, do they not know that there is prolly more gay content on TV than in books, and most kids watch waaay more TV. They should be encouraging kids to READ, it doesn't matter WHAT. U'll find all kinds of things in ur library that could be considered highly "sexual" or even pornographic, like the Anne rice "sleeping beauty" series, but its completely acceptable because it's LITERATURE, it's ART.
NAZIS banned and burned books... this is not a good sign. rally ur peeps and fight the man!

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Boy, just when you think society is progressing, this kind of crap happens. It's important to fight this kind of bigotry, whenever it crops up, in any way you can.

Remember guys, most bigotry comes from ignorance. It's not always necessary to be an in-your-face activist (though in cases like this it's often necessary). You'd be surprised how much just being yourself, and letting others see that gay people aren't evil and scary can change attitudes. I've been out since I was 17, and I've managed to turn around some pretty hard-core homophobes (many within my own family) just by showing them that I'm a real person, just like them. In cases of institutional prejudice like this though, sometimes you have to force change. I'd see if you can get the local newspeople involved. They're usually pretty good about exposing this kind of stupidity.

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I'm just awed that is made it that far. Where I'm from no school would stand for having a 'queer' book. And a teacher talking about... 'fags'? Never. Well, fight it like hell. But that's awesome that you have teachers fighting with you.

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When I was in middle school

When I was in middle school recently I found the amount of homophobia expressed by the students and even teachers was altogether too much. So being editor-in-chief of the school newspaper, I wrote a full page article on homophobia. I was so pleased my teacher agreed to publish it. When it got published it made some people upset, but it opened the eyes of others. So perhaps you can write a letter, or gather some students together to discuss the issue, set up a meeting with whoever makes the book lists.

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Yea. I'm pretty pissed that

Yea. I'm pretty pissed that that happened, but at least you have other people who got upset about it, too, eh? I think you guys should get together and fight it.

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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Book club

When I was in my junior year in high school (just a couple of years ago, in fact), we read Rainbow Boys as our book club selection. After we had already read the book and discussed it, our club advisor got wrote up and was threatened with being fired, just for "brainwashing the students with the homosexual agenda". All of us in book club banded together, took up letters of complaint that Mrs. M had been written up, and held a sit-in until the administration issued a full apology for being such anal-retentive assholes. We went on to finish all of Mr. Sanchez's books as well as Brent Hartinger's books.

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I'am am disgusted with

I'am am disgusted with whoever is responsible for the banning this book you should petition the school broad to reture the book to it right full place if you read you would know what the boys did in the first book too get GSA fight the system ,power to the people

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I LUV THAT BOOK!! its a rly

I LUV THAT BOOK!! its a rly sweet tale and i luv it!!!! I wanna read the sequal!! What they is not right at all! They shouldnt be allowed to do that

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Two-year-old thread. :-)

I hope they fought it, though!

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