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Omgosh it's supposed to be the last two weeks of school but I still have 5 tests (Maths Probability, Science Test, Japanese Unit Test, Christian Education and Information Technology) and two internal projects (For Art and English) due before end of the term. On top of that is our social studies folder to be finalised and my piano exam two months away.

That's only to say we just finished 2 assignments and 2 internal assesments (1 for maths and 1 for science) this week.

Perfect, this week is gona be so fun.

Oh plus, I had a really shit day today... so my depression suddenly struck me today after I almost forgot what it's like to feel so low. But I'm becoming better at dealing with it now so hopefully I'll feel better soon.


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I'm so sorry! And, the same t

I'm so sorry! And, the same time, so glad I've finished school! Heh. Well, good luck with all of that. Don't think I'm in a better position right now, just because I'm saying this. I'm studying too...

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-Uh, you know I meant to, and then I just got really busy.

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Oh yeah

All schools and careers have periods when they have ridiculous amounts of work. It ain't fun. But you do get used to having two weeks of hell. It's a lot better than having constant small amounts of work

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