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I have un-officially fallen in love with the Wii. (It's not offical untill I play it.) And they're having this tour-thing. With awesome music, and awesome video games! And I might get to go!! And plus I want LoZ: Twilight Princess. A lot. And did I mention how much I LOVE the music in that trailer-thingy? And plus Link, as a wolf? Totally! But unfortenatley link is Right-handed now for the sake of the right-handed precent of the population.

Wouldn't it be cool to play as wolf-link in SSB:B? Of course it would... And there's all these other games that I want. Like that one where you get to shoot people, and you can also use a katana. =D (And normally I'm not into the first-person stuff.) And this other one with trucks, and that elebits game, and lotsa stuff. *totally obsessed.*

Though it's kind of hard to stay entierly excited, because I keep thinking of how much my sister would love to play it too. And I miss blabbing to her about it, and I've been using my dad as a subsitute but he gets sick of my blabbing after a while. And I just miss my sister. ._. What's weird is I don't really miss my mom as much. Probably because I'm kind of angry at her for taking my sister all the way to Florida. And I can't see her. And even though she can be really annoying sometimes I rather have her here. I want her to be here. I want to play video games and blabber about useless stuff and run around like a crazy idiot with her like I used too.

Everything is so weird without her here... It's so quiet. Maybe I should get some sleep.