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Yay for gibberish titles that express frustration!

Well, you'd be frustrated too if you FINALLY got the courage to tell the person you liked that you like them only to not get the chance to talk to them much at all. I see more of Soras brother and siters than I see of Sora. I don't mean too, but it keeps happening. Because Sora is so busy with soccer and school.

I hope I can see her tomorrow. So I can tell her. I don't like suspense. It's great for books or games or movies, but I don't like it in real life. X_X I just want to tell herrr... Argh. I was going to tell her last week but she was busy. And she's been busy. A lot. D: Why didn't I just tell her when I had the chance two weeks ago? Whyyy? X_X

Well, if I don't get to tell her over the weekend I'll probably just write her a letter. Though I REALLY wanted to tell her in person... I hope I get to tell her in person. Pfft. This whole thing is just very silly. It's not like I don't have real problems to complain about, because I do. But I focus on the silly stuff. I guess it hurts less. Though it's still frustrating...

It's also frustrating not having a tuner for my guitar. X3

Buuut. Now I'm off to read, play video games, and sing. Like I normally do when I'm bored.


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Insert Intresting Title Here

Agh, having no tuner for a guitar can be REALLY frustrating, especially those moments when you're just itching to play it...Sorry to hear that's she's so busy and I hope everything goes well when you tell her. Good luck!


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I like that"

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I hate waiting for stuff like this. I get so FRUSTRATED when I'm finally ready to do something that's taken a lot of emotional preparation and then something stalls it. I hate it hate it hate it. The worst thing is, I'll have finally decided to do something and be like 100% ready after months of indecision/hesitation and then I'll have to wait like a day and I'll lose my nerve. It's the worst. I hope you find a calming way to pass the time between now and then and don't change your mind. I also hope you get the chance to tell her in person because it'd probably be much better that way.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

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Maybe, since you're having tr

Maybe, since you're having trouble telling her, you should write her a note saying, "I have something important to tell you; do you think we could talk in private sometime soon?" Then, she'll ask you what you have to tell her, so you'll be more likely to be able to do it. And, from what I heard, if she knows there's something important, she'll find the time. *Winks*

My tuner broke a while ago... I have no ear at all so I immediately ran off to get a new one. Heh.

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