Musical Miracle

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The sound-waves will
Carry me home tonight
On melodious wings
Dancing in cadence to
My pulsing heart
In a cocoon
Of sound I find comfort
Swirling in gorgeous tone
An undulating mass
Of electric
Freedom flying
Lattice-works of rainbows
Flitting through atmosphere
And filling with the sound
Of freed beauty
And the sound is
Just so impossible
Taunting infinity
With its blazing cries of
With the force of
A fucking hurricane
It blows my mind away
I am owned by the awe
Stealing into
My blushing bones
Each breath’s a miracle
And every blink a sin
For beauty such as this
Can only be
When the music’s alive
Each note a universe
Within its graceful self
And how they fly
From a speaker’s
Grinning, metallic lips
Until it all explodes
When revelations sing
Into your ear
Into your soul
Riveting you with sound
And it all comes down to
One single, burning thought
I am alive


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this is good,I like it

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