my mother sucks life out of everything

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oh man, well, i had a good day, got a bunch done, relaxed for a while, and then planned on getting a bunch more done tonight. however, my mother just called in one of her needy moody rants about how now that my sister and i aren't here she has noone to comisterate with and nobody really cares about what she wants to do or how she needs to find hersel as an artist... i think a midlife crisis is just teen angst reborn. so after an hour or so of that i'm feeling quite drained.

on a happier note, today at the mall i bought volume one of invader zim. i happen to love invader zim, especially his sidekick/robot gir. anyway, i guess that's all for now, i just needed to vent a bit about my mom.


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yaaaay! invader zim! "

yaaaay! invader zim!

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"