myspace rox and life sux

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dude i cannot find a solid gay youth group on myspace without sex in it im a serious bout it too im mean like omg the world does not revolve around sex yeah it great but still....i mean gosh no wonder everytime my friends talk bout gays they think only bout the sex part jeeze

on others new i found my long time lost freind and now we talkt o each other on myspace i luv u myspace for gettin me bak with my friend

anyhow my best friend has been pissin me more and more and more cuz she always gettin mad at me and then when i try to talk bout other bf and/or long time freind from cali she says she doesnt care and dont want to talk bout time she does that do u think i should go off on her i mean when i talk to her bout those thing its bout me how i feel towards that thing i means come on when i talk to my other bf bout long time friend she doesnt get mad and she fuckin hates her and when i talk to long time freind bout bf she doesnt get mad and she almost killed her!!!!! so dang im goin to go off on my bwood bf when i try to say somethin bout bf or long time friend so yeah

so yeah on other new im am so fucked up in the mead it aint even funny and im surprised i havent kiled my self yet but noone worry i aint like that the thought of pain scares me and i aint leavin my sis alone so yeah and i guess if u feel so much mental pain u really dont want to feel physical pain so yeah im tryin to figure out if pain killer really numb the pain but i dont want to overdose myself to havent tryed well byz


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Sadly the world is male dominated. And men's lives do indeed resolve entirely around sex. So yeah all myspace gay communities are going to be about that. Same as pretty much everything else on earth

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Well why don't we start one for oasis people?

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Silence that spoke, and eloquence of eyes."
- The Iliad (bk. XX, l. 315), (Bryant's translation)