Nintendo Revolution (otherwise known as Wii.)

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Guess what I possibly convinced my dad to get me for my birthday? That's right! The Revolution! (I REFUSE to call it the "Wii" X_X) I just have to give up any other birthday and Hanukkah gifts from him. =D (And any hope of getting a PS3 next year, considering last year I convinced him to buy me a Game Cube for my birthday and a DS for Hanukkah. X3)

Yeah, my birthday is November 1st. And Hanukkah is like, the 15th of December this year. And the Revolution comes out November 19th. So I convinced my dad that I'd give up any other Hanukkah gifts and Birthday presents. Since the thing is gonna cost $250. And plus I had a really bad 13th birthday, so I want this to make up for it. (Yeah, this is the one time of year when I'm totally greedy. >_>')

I spoke to Sora again today, and I really didn't get the chance to tell her how I feel though. I didn't want to make it seem too akward. Because we were talking about the Revolution Consle, and this Kingdom Hearts fanfic I want to write where Riku gets kidnapped by fangirls, and it's up to Sora and Kairi to save him! And it includes Sora cross dressing because it's unfair that Cloud gets to wear a dress and Sora dosen't. X3 It's not meant to be serious writting... Obviously. It's to get over my art/writers block mostly. It's working though. Mabye I should write totally stupid stuff more often. XD

And I just realized I should probably come up with another nickname for my friend considering the confusion my random KH blabber is going to cause. ^^'

*Heads to Nintendo website*