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Time for another installment of me. Hmm. I bought a piece of clothing from the boy's section for the first time since I was 10. My friend saw me eyeing the guy's section while standing on the border of the women's section and said 'go check it out coz I can tell you want to.' A lot of the things were way too big but I ended up gettin this awesome navy shirt that had a "Boy Scouts of America" patch on the pocket. Yeah I'm neither of those things so I guess that's why I found it so appealing. It's a good fit so it's me dykey style :D I like the store coz it's recycled clothing but they alter a lot of the stuff for people like me who are creative but lack the sewing ability. Yeah I'm into my clothes but not considered fashionable.

Where I live is really cool because it's full of arty kids and Timmy admitted he was jealous that there were so many hot chicks around. Yes hot AND queer.. jealous anyone? Haha no seriously I'm not one to pick up at the local supermarket.. or anywhere else for that matter. [insert sympathetic aww for me here]

I'm hooked on youtube, watched 'Better Than Chocolate' and a few episodes of Sugar Rush, that is such a cool show. The girl who plays Saint (the main character's girlfriend) is super cute. So I recommend you go and watch that..

What else happened.. oh yeah. It blows that my good mate is homophobic. She called her boss a "fucken dyke" coz she looks like a "fucken man" (but she was fairly angry at the time). And she was all eeew when she saw two girls making out on an ad for a tv show. What is a person like me to do in a situation like that? Something along the lines of "Oh by the way I'm a fucken dyke and those two girls making out turns me on". No don't worry I didn't. (Maybe I secretly wished I did)

Indie chicks are confusing my gaydar. This could possibly be equivalent for how the gay males felt when metrosexuals entered the world. They have the short hair, alternative style, cute smile but oh so very straight.

Last but not least, I popped into the skate shop so Timmy could get some new jeans and also so I could see hoodie girl again. She came out the back just before we left and saw me there again for like the 3rd time this week.. Tim didn't see her tho coz he said he wasn't really paying attention. Arr I'm more girl crazy than he is.. if you couldn't already tell by my journal entry. The end.


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I always want to go check out

I always want to go check out the guys section. The only time I do though is when its kind of mixed with the girls.....then its not so obvious.

Maybe your friend isn't really that homophobic. People go off on how things are retarded and stuff and don't necessarily hate mentally handicapped people!

.....and I am jealous of you being surrounded by hot queer girls!

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I just have to agree with you about sugar rush I love it!Saint is HOT!!!....Did you know that the boy scouts of america don't allow gay members!Just thought I'd mention it since you said you bought a shirt with their name on it.....Sucks about what your friend said,but maybe she isn't really homophobic,she could have just said those things in the heat of the moment coz she was mad at her boss.
P.S thanks for commenting on my journal entries over the last couple of weeks when I was going a little crazy.

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Yeah shopping in the section for the other gender looks fun. tru I've never done it, but I do bomorrow my mum's jeans. And she borrows my shirt and fishnet tights
Nah probably wasn't worth the hassle telling the girl about you being a dyke. Although it would have been a laugh

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aha I like going into the boy

aha I like going into the boys section and buying little boy t's. They always have tacky sayings on them!
And I have definitly done my share of the sugar rush on youtube watching! Saint is definitly one of my favorite characters! I've never heard of 'better than chocolate' though, what is it about?
Ah, and as for your homophobic friend, I know exactly how you feel. It may have been an in the heat comment. If not though, perhaps having a gay friend may change her views, if not all you can do is except her beliefs and respect her for having them and in turn have her except and respect yours.

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