Operation Coming Out underway.

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Sora's birthday is tomorrow. She won't be here tommorow but I got her present ready. It's a little souviner I bought at Longwood Gardens, it's like a little jewlery box with a kitten and some flowers on it. I thought it was super cute so I got it for her... Anyways, what I did was I stuck a note in next to the gift (It wouldn't fit inside.. Heh.) that says that I want to talk to her and she should come over sometime soon. I don't know if I'll be brave enough to tell her that I like her. But I think I'm ready to tell her that I'm lesbian. And I think I should wait a little while between when I tell her that I'm lesbian and that I like her depending on her reaction to the former. Heh.

In other news the Kimono I'm working on isn't coming out so well.. I think I sewed the sleeves on too high. It might be fixable though. I'll just work with it untill I either come up with a mess of fabric or it looks halfway decent. X3

Haha. She just called me in the middle of writing this. And well, since I already put the note in there I didn't tell her that I want to talk to her because it's allready wrapped and I don't want to wrap it again. X3

For her birthday she's having a sleepover, and she was allowed to have one of her friends come over. (And that is totally fair considering how many sisters she has.) and she picked me even though I live right down the street and her other friends don't. Hehe. I feel special! ^_^

Over the phone she kept asking me what I got her for her birthday. She asked me if I got her Death Note and I'm like "You'll find out what I got you when you recive it." I have the little souvinier but I also want to get her two voulmes of Manga. I'm just trying to decide which Manga to give her. I can't get her Death Note, because of what she said earlier. But I'm thinking mabye Ouran Host Club since she hasn't read that before. But I don't know if she'll like it. Mabye I can get her a Naruto action figure or the fisrt two volumes of that. I'll have it figured out by the time I get in the bookstore for sure.

On the other hand, she keeps telling me that she has something "important" to tell me and then saying somehing like "fig newtons" or "Darkness" (a couple of inside jokes.) Or starts singing "banana phone" or something equally as stupid. I think she likes getting me excited for no reason. But it's not working anymore and at this rate she actually will have something important to tell me and I won't belive her until she says it. Which is probably what she's planning on knowing her.

In other news, the dance class is going well. At the start of the class I could have sworn this girl was checking me out if it weren't for the fact that looked directly at her and she didn't turn away. Weird.. Not that it matters but I felt like mentioning it anyways.

And there was this exercize where you needed a partner and I was paired up with the only boy in the class. Boys make me nervous even though I'm not attracted to them. So it was weird. And that dosen't matter much either but I like bringing up topics of no importance.

And the random advice for today is: "MIND THE GAP!"

(If you've been to the Underground you'd know about that. Heheh.)

Kay I'm done now.