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This was something I wrote a while ago....

With these eyes I'm sending you a message
Whether or not you get it
depends on your openess.

Too scared to tell you in person or with words at all.
I'm just hoping you call
To pick me up from this fall.

Cursing and screaming within my head,
Cause' I want you sooo bad.
But don't know if I'll ever come out to you.

Im just hoping and dreaming
you'll make the first move.
But you wouldn't do that now would you.

The only way it can happen,
Is a drunk and stuper night.
You fall over and me on top of you.

I don't drink, so one hope down the drain.
No if its gonna happen It's up to me,
I've gotta take this chance,
Or I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

Your opinion of me will change so drasticlly,
If im ever to come out to you.
And thats what Im afraid of most,
I've changed but I'm still the same person you know and love.

Idon't wanna lose your friendship,
Idon't wanna lose that love.
But if we can be more than friends,
I will take that chance and live again.

So...what do u think? It was one of my first attemps at writing a poem or whatever the you would call this.


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i likes it..it kind of defines what im going through right now..theres a girl..and yea..shes so awesome..lol..but i think shes caught on to all the hints ive dropped,but she hasnt made a move yet,so im trying to decide whether i should..anyway,i likes it!!

"To hide from true love is to hide from life."