Partial harrasment

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I hate band. This kid in my class thinks its really fun to mess around with me. I know he thinks hes kidding around but hes a fucking asshole. Hes always messing with my shit and purposly saing shit like "thats so gay" when im around him and all this other stuff which I could go on a rant about. I cant change seats because you have to sit with your section and it just so happens that we are both 1st trumpets. This has been going on since 8th grade and it just keeps getting worse. I cant report him because he hasnt done anything that would really make me say enogh is enough. And as much as i hate him i still dont want him to get in to trouble. I just dont know how im going to stand the rest of band. The only friend that i have who takes band doesnt play trumpet so Im pretty much screwed. Errr. Sometimes I wish I could just drop out.


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If he makes you feel uncomfor

If he makes you feel uncomfortable you should tell someone. Mabye something can be arranged so you don't have to sit next to him.

Good luck.

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hey.Don't drop out of somthing you like coz some ass hole is bullying you,which is what it sounds like.You should take note of any stuff he says or does to offend you,even if it seems trivial,and if he does become too much report him and show your list of stuff he has done as evidence.There is no point protecting him from trouble if he is purposely upsetting you.good luck.

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