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I saw Sora again today. And I would have told her (how I feel about her.) but I couldn't get her alone. Her sister and her brother were there. And I forgot to tell her that I want to talk to her. X_X

We went to my house to pick up a controller, and on the way back Sora mentioned us sharing a bed (For some reason unknownst to me.) and her brother, being the hormonal (perverted) teenager he is was like "Holy Shit!" And we both shout "PERVERT!" It was so funny.

Sora still clung to me all day. Like she always does. Clingy little Sora. Heheh. It's cute. I'm always calling her clingy and then she just acts MORE clingy. Not that I mind, of course.

But her sister is going to come over tomorrow since she dosen't have school. I'll tell her to tell Sora that I want to talk to her. That is if I remember. (When I talk to her we start talking about everything from her autistic cousin and my autistic brother to dreams to Harry Potter.

I would wite her a letter or poem or something but my writing skills stink and I would never be albe to hand it to her. Mabye I'll get a chat with her later, after she's done eating.

But really, we already pratically act like a couple. It's funny. She clings to me like, constantly. We just don't kiss or anything. (Which is probably what made her brother freak out. XD) And she'll say something like "We're gay" because of the RikuxSora thing. And everyone will think she's serious. So we'll start laughing. I guess that's why I'm hesitant to tell her, because if she dosen't like me back then she might stop joking around like that. And that'd be no fun. (On the reverse side, if she does like me back, the joking will continue. Except we'll be serious this time and nobody well know, and so I'll still laugh. XD)

And so I continue to be a faliure. ._. Well, I'll eventually get to tell her, even if it means dragging her to the girls bathroom or an empty hall at the convention. Oh! Speaking of which, I have to finish the coustumes!

(edit: I fixed a few typos. haha.)


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I see how it is

Oh, oh, I see how it is, you "forgot" to talk to her. You're stalling.......

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Words of encouragement.. Haha

Words of encouragement.. Haha.

Though, seriously. Half the time I really do forget. But this time you caught me. X3

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I do the exact same thing. I "forgot" to bring up certain subjects for like... a month or two... when I was trying to come out to my crush. Heh. I like lying to myself, it's fun.

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I stand by my write a note su

I stand by my write a note suggestion. "I need to talk to you; It's important" is all you need to write, because then she'll shoo away the siblings and you can tell her. Try not to chicken out. It'll only make you feel worse.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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Procr-ass-tination sounds lik

Procr-ass-tination sounds like a good word! haha! I understand though....when you're with the friend you want to tell its hard to put the break in what you're doing and find a way to tell her. The letter sounds like a good idea though. Then that time together will be put together specifically for that reason. Hope you get to do it soon! Good Luck!

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oh dude

I think dragging her to the bathroom and blurting it out in the spur of the moment would be really cute and movie like. But that might not work out so yeah I'd say go with the letter.

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Well, that would be last reso

Well, that would be last resort. I think I'll tell her before then. Because I don't really like the sound of the idea myslef.