Pink haired girl...

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Okay this afternoon I went out with my mom to take my 2 dogs out for a walk like usual. And when we were on this back path behind the houses, I saw this girl with like, pinky coloured hair and she was wearing all black with like those Converse or whatever they were sneakers. And I like looked at her and I think she liked looked at me and kinda smiled, It was kewl. I was just wearing a basic navy blue T-shirt and blue jeans...oh and of cource my Black and Pink Vision skate shoes. but Im pretty sure she looked at me and It made me smile, I just hope my mom doesn't suspect anything about me cause I haven't come out to them or anything yet. But oh well, this girl made my day and I'm happy:)


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Thats happened to me before t

Thats happened to me before too....its weird how something as simple as a smile from someone else can make your whole day!

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I love how one thing can make

I love how one thing can make a bad day great.

"Who says that there's a soul?
Just let me be..."

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Random smiles make the world

Random smiles make the world go 'round, and the world makes the random smiles go 'round.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?