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any suggestions on how to feel undepressed .
my dad died a couple months ago and i had been doing great but i know this soons really wierd
but when i get phisically hurt (like headaches bloodtest etc) i get really emotionally upset.
lioke in enlish class today i started crying becaus my head really hurt and ive had a really really shitty
week . imean i wasnt crying cring but tears were coming out of my eyes it all started
when my english teacher asked for my homework and i thoutght irt was due the next day
and tears just started coming out it try so hard to pass in my homework but i swear something
like this alwse happens in english i dot normally cry but i feel really deperesed this week ive been feeling
uber shitty. Please dont tell me i should see a therpest they scare me and i dont like them at
all and i cant get myself to tell them anything


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Get laid, or toke up. Remembe

Get laid, or toke up. Remember though, keep it natural. Otherwise, for depression you're pretty fucked. I know you don't want to hear that, but someone is going to have to say it. Sorry about your dad though.

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Be positive if you can. Know

Be positive if you can. Know that it will eventually go away. At the very least, you'll have moments of happiness that you should look forward to. Try and do things that you enjoy as much as you can. Even if that means missing a couple of h.w papers or not doing some chores. You're depression should come first. Stay away from stressful situations or people. I know this all sounds pretty "well, duh" but I always have to remind myself of all these things. Also, for me, being around a small amount of people (friends) in a non-stresfull environment is very helpful or distracting. Even if you don't feel happy, you're making contact and it will probably help more often then not. Good luck my friend.

"What great things would you accomplish if you knew you could not fail?"

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that sucks

well that sucks you have gone through a lot and its normal that you feel this way. just keep in mind that you always have to go through the bad shit before you get to the good stuff sometimes you think you lost your way but you get there.

peace and equality