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geeee eeee eee wiz this site has changed since the last time I used to post frequently.. then again so have I...
well i suppose thats a good thing, in any case
today is the day ..well right now its a couple of hours before my birthday...and wow I'm older now

I hate birthdays, i dont know why,but I always get depressed when the day apporaches- its not because I'm tortured or anything, just an irrational dislike I have. oh well.. this is me.
a year older..I guess it just makes me sad that another year goes by and I've got nothing to show for it. I did nothing this year, nothing worth writing a book about..
they say live life as if it were meant to be written about.

I just write and write and write, about a life i used to live/wish to live... but never lives that others lead.. they write their own stories.

each person should write their own account. for its the truest form/ the realest form...
but reality is obscence, the truth is obscene, pornographic...

i will reserve my sentiments towards porn.


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Yeah I kinda dislike birthdays as well at times. A lot of fuss over nothing. But then there are presents, so never mind. Welcome back by the way

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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yeah hey thanks :) out of

yeah hey thanks :)

out of my mind... back in 5 minutes.