Rent, my laptop and Dusty: the original pop diva!

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Ok, i saw rent (the movie) and loved it! i had "seasons of love" stuck in my head for... well, it's still in there! i nearly got up today and sung "525 600 minutes!" instead of my health oral!i loved it, it's so good to see a show that doesn't silence the gay audience, and not only that, but it talks about living with AIDS and getting through life with it. i've never seen anything like it before.

in other news my laptop (on which i'm writing now) is nearly fucked. it didn't turn on straight away. i had to unplug it and plug it a few times before the little light came on. it's done it before, and we replaced a cable, but it gives me the shits because there's always something wrong with it! i also hate telling my mum that there's something wrong with it, because she makes a face, then sighs, like "what now?" which i can totally understand. god i want a new laptop for christmas.

Steve irwin's dead! call him a dickhead if you must (i sort of agree), but he was a great ambassidor (sp?) for australia, and he did so my for animal conservation. i feel the most sorry for his kids, bindi and bob.

My music class is going to Dusty the day before my birthday!!!! i can't wait for the interracial lesbian kiss!


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Haha! After I saw Rent I had

Haha! After I saw Rent I had that song stuck in my head for so long after! I really like that movie, I usually don't like musicals all that much.

It shocked me so much when I heard that the Crocodile Hunter was dead. I don't know why it shocked me so much, it was bound to happen I guess. Its so sad.