Scattered Past(All Before Me)

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All i can think about
Are all the girls
That came before me
All the girls
You emotionally destroyed
Before you met me
All the girls
Who never had a chance
To see behind that
Tempting glance
All the girls who fell
For your delightful charm
And security in your arms
I feel bad for them

All I see are the girls
You left behind
All the girls before me
All the girls who
Could never see
Past your beautiful tapestry
All those before me
None of them knew
What you would do
With just a bit of hope
You would bring them down
Crashing hard into the ground
There hearts no longer able to pound
All of them before me

All I see is them popping up
Coming back into your life
Hoping that you have seen the light
Hoping that you
Would fight the good fight
Hoping that you would let them
For one more time stay the night
This is all of them before me
And you wonder why I scream
Why I choose to stay away
Why I keep my desires
At arms length
Fearing that I will be like them
The ones from the past
Unable to go forward
Just wanting to go back
Wanting you to take them back


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Amazing. I love this poem!

Amazing. I love this poem!

~~Gay And Here To Stay~~