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OMG THE SCHOOL SOCIAL IS SOOOO AWESOME!! I can't believe that's the last one in my life! I definitely enjoyed it a WHOLE LOT more than the awkwardness I have with Tyler when I go to dance group. (Julie and Tyler always seem to be in their own little world... so I seem to be left out when I'm with them. I'm not the only one that thinks that, even Sarah from dance group and my other close friend Ellen thinks that too)

Yeah, back to the social... OMG It's just so cool! I went around hooking my friends up haha that was fun~ I feel so happy for them when they're dancing with that special person! Yeah... some are even going out! OmG yUs haha.

Oh oh, lol and I've got these two good friends who TOTALLY hate each other. So um yeah, when I danced with either one of them... the other person would be staring at me LOL (It was scary) and then afterwards they'd call me to the side and lecture me about it lolaz.

And in case you're wondering who I danced with... I danced with 6 girls. And um yeah, LOL my friends Rachel and Alex are gf/bf, and I came across them... and then Rachel was like "Hey Max! Any luck with guys?? You can have Alex if you want!"... Then I jokingly put my arms out but Alex just semi-laughed lol. Then they went off... so I guess I did ask a guy for a dance - I just got rejected lol~

So um, HEAPS of other awesome stuff happened~ Just can't write it all down! The music got better near the end... and it's just so so awesome! I went crazy near the end and now my neck hurts lol.

As for the birthday thing... I told Edward I can't go to his actual party in the afternoon. But they're going out for dinner afterwards and Edward said he wanted me to at least go to that. So do you guys reckon I shuld hang 'round with the Vic's group till 5 (miss 1hr of karaoke and dinner with them) and then go to dinner with Edward's instead?


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Dude, max...

you have one messed up little social circle w/in the, j/k. But seriously, sounds like u had a lot of fun @ the dance, which got ur mind off some stuff...that's great...and as for the parties, I don't know what u should do-I have no frickin' advice, because I've never been in a situation like But I'd go half n' half...go to edward's dinner and miss the last hour of Tyler's little gathering...later

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Sounds like you had an amazing time! Personally I despise the social life at my school because most of it is controlled by shallow concieted people. But that's just my school I guess. But yes setting up friends is a very fun experience and I'm so jealous that your pairings actually work out! Mine never seem to get off the ground.. *le sigh* guess I wasn't made to be a matchmaker.

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I take

So I take it you enjoyed the dance. And sorry about the distinct lack of guy dancing.
And yeah go to both. Most people don't mind others leaving a little early

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