She Lied To Me Omg Why???????? :(

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ok i dont know wats goin on but im gettin more and more confused and idk why ok this is wat happened on friday i told my crush i loved her over text mes and she acted stupid like she didnt get it and then today i told her that my cousin was tex mes to people on a friends fone and it was a number off my fone and he was teasin me bout bein bi and him textin someone who knows i am that i love them so yeah my crush loled and sed she didnt know who it was and left and then at lunch i was wearin jeans and a hoddie and she sed i look cute and im like wat i dont have make up on my hair is messed up and my pants r saggin cuz my belt broke and she sed again u look cute and i go ok

so wat is goin on here i have no clue and im sick of all these mixed signals and not accepted words and then jealous when i talk bout some girl or say that some girl has something cuter and she goes wat and i then i have to counter wit but i still like urs i jus wish she would stop or jus say somethin bout it

but wat i cant get over was that she lied why didnt she tell me that my cousin (its not true jus made it up to see if she tell me that she got a text sayin i loved her )text her pretendin to be meandme sayin i love her oh gosh idk wats goin on byz


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? :( ? :)

Don't you just hate mixed messages? I dunno what to tell you... seems to me like she's either a little nervous about you right now, like worried you like her and not knowing how she feels about it, or she's just confused, or maybe she really likes you and is just scared to say anything... Wow, I'm sure that helped you a lot (sarcasm!! sarcasm!!).

One good thing is, you know she's not homophobic and won't disown you as a friend or anything, if you do fess up about your feelings for her. That's good, right???

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maybe she doesn't feel the sa

maybe she doesn't feel the same way somethimes I tell people they look cute even when i don't like them... or maybe she has commitment issues like her I useally avoid stuff when someone tells me they like me
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