so i could use some help

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so the other night was interesting. I was laying bed and my friend in our conversation asked if i would even have sex with her i said no. She got super pissed at that...Anyone got any reason for why she is pissed? I don't e it.I liked her at one point adn she said she wouldn't date me, but now i am glad i never dated her because we would so have not lasted long. I jsut don't understand her.

So on to problem number 2 - Norm thinks that ii have this huge crush on him because i said he was sexy one night when iw as super drunk. I don't like him that way at all, but he is so obsessive over it. I don't get it. Does he like me? or am i jsut crazy? he is confusing adn last night was weird. I was sittinf on the counter adn he was filling a bucket i was watching him do it adn then he caught my gaze and wee heldit for a while , until i looked away. It as really strange. and he didn't laugh or say anything so i know that he didn't do it to be stupid. What the hell does it mean?

Yes and no problem number 3 - the same friend i was talking about in the first paragraph she is also made t me because i said that i would kiss someone on a first date adn that also depending ont eh situation have sex with a friend. Why is she so pissed at this? it's not like i am throwin something away. it's my life adn my choice. I don't get it...

Hmm so now that i have gone on with my problems i am still confused andreally i just don't get people i wish i had the answer to what the hell is goingon in there heads. ahhh help?!?!


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I'm not sure what to do about

I'm not sure what to do about your friend. But I think this Norm guy likes you. Otherwise he wouldn't make a big deal about it. You know? Hope that mabye helps a little

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This is all just guessing because I really have no idea what your friends are like, but to me....if you're caught staring at someone for no apparent reason it can be taken as attraction. Hence Norm's hunch that you have a crush on him. The comment, drunk or not, probably didn't help either. As far as your friend, it sounds like she was asking your opinion "from an outsiders" point of view and wanted to know how far you would go with her if asked out. So when you said No, it seemed to her that you were either A-lying or B-leading her on. At least that's what it seemed like to me..... Hope everything becomes clearer in the future and your problems are solved. Good luck!


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thanks alot.. hopefully you g

thanks alot.. hopefully you guys are fight

hi i have lost my mind somewhere, but if you leave my name adn your sexual fantasies, i'll get back to you about your problem