Such a weird feeling.

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No, not the feeling of gutair string indents on my fingers, though that feels weird too. But when ever I think about Sora I feel all fluttery and stuff... Like, I could be walking, since I walk around the block to help clear my mind. And I'll start thinking about Sora... Again, and I'll stumble and forget to breathe. Never felt like this before, I just started feeling this the other day while I was in PA and I was writing in my diary. Because I'd start writing about her, like the conversation we had on the phone or something, and all of the sudden I'd feel like passing out or whatever. And it's like, at this rate, I probably will pass out when I see her. You know, from the forgetting to breathe thing. XD

Hopefully I'll see her soon. I blame school for making her so super busy. Taking her attetion away from meeee. *Greedy* Though she said she likes school so it's okay. It's just that we went from spending the entire summer together to this. It's like... Boring now. X3

Maaan... And I still want to come out to her and tell her about the garden and the photography and all of that stuff. And the list just keeps growing. I'm going to end up spending the whole day telling her about everything... If I don't pass out that is. X3

What's nice is going through the pictures on my digital camera, and seeing some pictures of Sora that I forgot were there. She's so cute! If it weren't for the fact that someone would see she'd be my desktop wallpaper right now.

Oh, did I mention that I borrowed her shorts and I keep forgetting to return them. I complained about my absentmindedness out loud. I was like. Upset because Sora had just slept over and I still forgot. And then my dad's like
"Forgot what?"
and I'm like "Forgot to return these shorts to Sora."
And then you won't belive what he said next,
"With or without you in them?"
And I'm like, *jawdrop* he did NOT just say that. And my aunt was like
"that'd be kind of gross." or something. And my dad said,
"I don't know, she'd probably like it."
And then I'm like thinking. 'He did NOT just say that!' I mean, he always says weird stuff. But that was... Well... Ummm... (My dad knows I'm gay BTW. Though last time I spoke to him about it he didn't sound totaly accepting. But that's because I'm still 13 and he dosen't like the fact that I'm growing up. *rambling again*)


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Something tells me youre in l

Something tells me youre in love...

"Who says that there's a soul?
Just let me be..."