Summer Symphony

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The purple night succumbs to diamond rays
Adeptly slicing through the shadow-cloud
At zenith governing in onyx haze
When the air lay subdued in somber shroud
Alive in lunar bliss and quiet fear
Till the sun gently rockets toward first light
It sweetly ruptures vespertine veneer
Seducing the sky as the world ignites
The halo swimming from horizon far
A blossom now triumphant in repose
My eyes, enraptured by this gorgeous star
Forget to blink as brilliance lay exposed
The awesome waves of light abduct the sky
Arresting adoration from my mind
The beauty heightens as the heavens fly
And Sun and sky rejoice; their hands entwined
Harmonic is the rhythm of the day
Alive and beating in sweet nature’s heart
The molecules, they dance in vibrant sway
Empowered by the soft, celestial art
In summer circuit the electric life
Spins in swift orbit through atomic dance
Supplying vibrantly the magic rife
Innate in summer and its bright expanse
And in wind somersaulting through the trees
Afloat on wings of nature’s humble strain
We race to our obliv’yon, our disease
Of freedom absolute from earthly chain
The very world is triumph in my eyes
Defeating with the golden rays of youth
The slow destruction forced in sullen cries
Dissolving summer’s flair with caustic truth
The magic thickens as dusk waxes near
With jeweled hands of amber she defies
Prosaic slumber in a burning tear
Her glamour drawing rainbows in the sky
Diminished, her flying corona now
More wondrous in defeat than height unfound
And resting on the earth’s enduring brow
Exacts a beauty from the sun-washed ground
A beaming mass of brilliance lowly slung
Aflame in artful gusto and ballet
Her astronomic frame a surging lung
In the air breathing magic in decay
Until she’s lost to foreign hemisphere
And swallowed by the unforgiving night
Impaled upon the darkness’ raven spear
Removed from the sky and my groping sight
But her redemption will spring at the morn
And summer’s cycle shall spin once again
When golden banners stream from Sun reborn
And I hear, faintly, music on the plain
From nature’s chorus a sweet chord is struck
The voices of Earth to each other cling
Submerging from the awful silence tucked
Away in mortal fears of hatred’s spring
A golden harm’ny wrestles with the air
Each breath is inundated with belief
In beauty, by soft summer’s grace declared
Afloat on twirling backs of wind-struck leaves
My vocal cords clench, soaring notes withdrawn
With summer’s symph’ny bursting and alive
To heaven shining fierce as piercing dawn
Our golden message sent; hope will survive