The Jesss'e in my life

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Oh the Jesse's in my life
There may only be a few
But I like all of them
Theres Jesse my friend
The girl that makes me grin
Then theres Jesse the sophomore
Everyone claims shes a whore
And then theres my Jesse
My one and only girlfriend
The one I look at differently
Oh the Jesse's in my life
What would I do if all of them knew
That I didn't like guys
Would there be fight
Or a meeting of the minds
Which of the Jesse's would be surprised
Which would call me a dyke
And which one that already knew
Would be proud that I come out
Oh the Jesse's in my life
You make my heart flutter
One of you brings me love
Another brings me hate
While the last one
Makes me think
All the time that maybe I am gay
All of the Jesse's
Fine in their own ways
Have helped me to answer the question
Yes,I am gay


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I really like this. It descri

I really like this. It describes how everyone feels when they dont know if they should come out or not. This is awesome keep it up!

She said live young and leave a wake of beauty,
it's all I ever could have asked
should have asked from you,
and I wont forget to write you
when I get there soon
cause you'll be lying dead from dreaming (nightmares)

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That's awesome and really well done, keep up the good work:)

I Live to Love,
I Love to Live.