The Ladder to Your Window

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Oh how I drive at night
Just to see that ladder
Knowing that its there for me
For me to use to get to you
Oh the ladder
What great memories we share
How the first time
You saw me after I cut my hair
Or the time after the dance
When I needed to change pants
Oh ladder you bring me joy

That ladder reminds me of you
And how you first set it up
And the first time
You told me to climb up
You got the idea from Dawsons Creek
The only difference is
I don't live down the creek
This ladder symbolizes so much
It represents our friendship
And our whole relationship
The ladder is what I use
To climb up to you

The ladder is gone
The one thats there by your window
Just especially for me to climb
It is now laying in the bushes
Becoming intrapped in vines
It represents what we shared
it represents what was once there
But now I drive by
And there is now ladder there
No ladder leading to your window
Nothing that could
Bring me closer to you


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I think I've read all of your poems and I have to say that...You have got a gift! You are a really great writer and Poet, Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next masterpiece:)

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