The Lake You'll Have To Pass

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Oh Father angel
I lost inside this lake all of my coins
I snuk inside my tree and locked the branches
I looked inside my cave and found no drawings

It’s all a shame
I couldn’t just disinter all those tombs
The lights would darken all of these desires
I couldn’t give my fears all of the boons

I realise
The scars are fading out from all the faceless
They have no hands to show their seams of sin
And that makes them believe that they are graveless

And then - a BANG
A BOOM, a scream, a tear, that’s all I hear
They’re dead because they swam into this lake
And didn’t see the bombs that hid beneath

Shall I jump in?
I’m walking on the bridge and watch them drown
I think about the past and when I sank
I made it, it’s their turn, so I just frown