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I'll call her 'C'. In the middle of August 2005, this girl 'C' moved into a neighbour of mine's house, she was renting a room. Okay so we became friends quickly and we hung out played cards and went to the mall ect... we kindof drifted appart a few months later cause she was the partier type, she liked to smoke and drink and well...go to parties. I was fine with this, We were like complete opposites, this was also the time i started thinking about my sexuality. And I think it was because of her, I mean she told me that she 'used' to be bi-sexual, but I'm pretty sure she wanted something more than to be friend with me. The one weekend she asked me to sleep over was when no one was going to be home, and she made that clear telling me " I'm going to be home all alone tonight, no one will be there to bug us not even ‘J’(the son of the woman who owned the house) I couldn't sleepover cause I had other plans. At the time I never noticed some very subtle signs that she was like ‘into ‘ me, but looking back on it I think she was. She also brought up the fact that she had to kiss a girl in a game of Truth Or Dare, and she told me this on numerous occasions. I don’t know it’s just really weird how I’ve changed so much after meeting this girl, I'm happy I met her and i hope she knows she' has changed my life and in a good way. I just hope I meet another girl who likes me and this time I’ll notice the signs.


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Yeah that would be good. But be careful of seeing the signs that aren't there. That's much easier to do

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I never notice the signs eith

I never notice the signs either. It's quite frustrating.

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I hate looking back and seein

I hate looking back and seeing that someone might have been giving signs and I didn't notice to further investigate! Its hard to notice the signs until they're not given anymore.