this is too all the people who love some1 that doesnt love u bak...or u jus realized u love them!!!

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ok i wrote this when i was drivin home from a trip.....

(Crushes Name)
i guess it true: teen love, but who know it be you, i thought i was over you till i cuaght ur face, i thought i was over you till my heart started to pace, i glow when im around u, i dimmed when im not, you make me as happy as u can make me sad, but as much as this is all true you still dont love me too.

jeez it true im in love and she doesnt love me bak
watcha think??


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i love this. Its completely t

i love this. Its completely true how you described what its like. Im sorry about your crush i hope things get better for you.

"If young love is just a game then I must've missed the kick off."

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I like this

Its really sweet,and true

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt