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Its been two days since I've spoken to the girl I just might love.We aren't fighting or anything,we have
just both been busy,I keep wanting to call her,but I don't want to freak the girl out.She has no idea
I'm gay and completely in love with her,but if I bombard her with a phone call every time I think about
her,I'm sure it would not be long until she would notice.I could have gone to a party with her tonight if
I wasn't so completely broke.But Its probably for the best anyway,since everytime I'm a little drunk around
her I tend to be a little more foward than I generally would be.I have a tendancy to keep hugging her and
stuff so I don't want to do something that at a later more sober date I would regret.I want to spend every
single minute of the day with her,but at the same time I want to stay away because I like her so much and
I know that it will never happen.I know I need to get over her because I want to keep her as a good friend,
and having these feelings could jeprodise that.But at the same time I talk to her every chance I get,and
on some level have a tiny bit of hope that maybe we could get together and things would work out.But I
think I know thats more than a bit of a far fetched dream.I wish I was straight and completly in love with
the guy my friend is trying to set me up with so I could be "happy".Life would be a lot more simple and I
wouldn't be having a lonily Saturday night spent surfing the net.Ah well fuck it.


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Hey im sorry that sucks. I b

Hey im sorry that sucks. I bet youll get over her and meet this amazing girl who is gay and it will work out for you. Until then try as hard as you can to get over it and not do anything stupid. It sucks but good luck!

She said live young and leave a wake of beauty,
it's all I ever could have asked
should have asked from you,
and I wont forget to write you
when I get there soon
cause you'll be lying dead from dreaming (nightmares)

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nice title. ^-^ "We are go

nice title. ^-^

"We are god's unwanted children, so be it!" -Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

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I had a crush like that befor

I had a crush like that before. I ended up forcing myself to drift away from her, but still talked to her once in awhile to not totally cut off a friendship with her. I waited until the feelings I had for her went away (about a year and a half) and decided I could be around her without going crazy. We're now pretty close friends, she's one of the two I have come out to.

It might make it easier if you come out to her (if you're comfortable) so you can be certain that she is completely straight. Then it makes it more final that nothing will happen between you. Its hard to get yourself to stop feeling for someone even though their straight, unless you hear it right from them.