Too Late

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I love you now and always will.
My unfound devotion and untainted love,
will always be there for the taking.
For you I spill my guts and throw these tears.
Forever I will be full of regret,
and steps I never took.

If you would look into these eyes,
you would find a smile.
As I melt upon you,
I hope you find what you were looking for.
Would you love me as I am
or do I need a change?
with feelings so great,
I don't wanna change.
I just want the real thing.

Never feeling what I want,
and wonder if I ever will.
Maybe im looking in the wrong direction,
and now I am confused.
Dreams and thoughts of this parellel world,
and this may be what im looking for.

Feelings have changed on a whim,
now I love someone else.
Is it right or is it wrong?
Its up to me now.

Finding love is hard,
but I believe in it now.
Too late for you,
you didn't take charge.

Now for my one true love...

I love you, its true.
You have my total devotion,
and all of my lovin'.
For you I will hold and smile,
And forever we will be full of happiness and memories.

I just want to thank everyone who reads the stuff I write and also the people who write comments. I really appreciate it, so Thank you:)<3


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Truly touching

Wow, that was truly touching.I can't wait to read more!

"I am no more than human than anyone else"
"You should stand back and take a good look around"

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Thanx it was one of the first poems I ever wrote:)

I'm Gay,
I'm Canadian,
I'm Proud.