Touchin Boundaries..i feel like my hands r tied behind my back and i cant be who i really am.!?

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ok when i was in the closet last year i was a touchy person i mean not to feel up on anyone but cuz im a touchy person i express my feelings of love and care from touch...with my freidns but now that im out to almost all the people who i sit wit at lunch and my bestfriend i feel like a have a touch boundary and it hurts cuz idk i mean when im in line wit one of friends they say ur too close and im standin like 5 inches behind them now id understand if im 2 but even i cant handle that (im scared of small places and bein in between lots of people) and it really makes me mad cuz im like not gonna do anything i dont even like u like that and stuff like that so yeah i really want to know wat to do bout this...cuz im startin to get pissed and bout to cus some people out!!!!!?????


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Maybe just talking to your fr

Maybe just talking to your friends and telling them how you feel? ... yeah that sounds pretty lame, but it's the only thing I can think of.