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let me start off with i had the greatest time on my birthday.it was just me and my girlfriend all night.she has turned me on to something new,ice cream cake,which i've never had before last night thanks to her.she knows i'm not a huge fan of cake,so she knew just what to do!and i have to admit her past discrepencies kinda are alluring at least to me that is.i don't think i have ever felt so "free"in my life(and i use the term free loosely)never have i been able to just kick back and relax without worrying that something terrible is going to happen.that i wouldn't have to keep my gaurd up.my girlfriend gave me exactly what i wanted for my birthday besieds the tshirt i wanted,she gave me peace of mind,an entire evening without worry.i could just lay my head in her lap and know that everything was good at least for that night,anyway when i woke up this morning i felt totally different like i had gone through a kinda of metomorphosis overnight.

besides being left with a feeling of pure joy,today at school i was left with a feeling of extreme power as if nothing could hold me down.this surge of energy that stayed in my body until sociology kept me at an all time high,nothing anyone said today could phase me(i let people slide today with the insults)but when it came time for sociology that surge of energy kinda went away,i don't know why,but it did and i felt alittle less than extraodinary.i think it was because i had to deliver a speech on how a persons family lifestyle can effect there personality.but anyway after sociology the surge came back,i think the surge caused me to be alittle to brave(i didn't realize i was holding my girlfriends hand most of the day in the halls)!But yeah with that all said i have been assigned or "volunteered" to help the softball coach with practice for the next few weeks until the new assistant coach arrives.our schools softball coach is all kinds of awesome,she has so much life and spirit,not to mention she is bi and tries to play it off like its some big secret(the entire student body knows,not including the faculty) but yep thats all i got for now,till next time


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Happy birthday

Happy birthday plus a few days. keep that confidence going. And tell you're girlfriend she really doesn't need to hide her bisexuality

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"