wat r you??

0% (0 votes)
6% (3 votes)
white (sry yall but there to many of u to write no raciality)
69% (36 votes)
4% (2 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
mix (tell me bout it)
17% (9 votes)
4% (2 votes)
Total votes: 52


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mostly white, but 1/4 mexican

mostly white, but 1/4 mexican (not enough to be considered not white unfortunately)

***love the number 7***

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Dad's a european-american mix, mom's an asian mix. I'm a child of the world.


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European-Asians are so pretty!

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Ummm... I'm part Russian, par

Ummm... I'm part Russian, part... African American? I think. I don't really remember the rest. A quarter of it I'll never know. But I've been mistaken for Hispanic. (You have no idea how weird it is for someone to just come up to you and start speaking some language that you don't know. (In this case, Spanish.)) I have tan skin. My "vital statistics" say that I'm White though in the area I live in now everyone considers me black. Haha. Weird I know. It gets worse, my sister, who has the same parents as I do. Has "Black" on her vital statistics. X_X Confusing isn't it?

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half chinese half jewish "

half chinese half jewish

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but it sure as hell can hurt me"

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American indian or east india

American indian or east indian? b/c i might be 1/4 american indian. (we arent positve b/c my dad was adopted)

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well, let's see.... i cons

well, let's see....

i consider jewish as a race, cuz we are just soooo damn cool like that.

my dad was born in mexico, but we're reallly of european descent.

which means that if i'm fat, i'm just fat, not curvy. but it also means that if there's ever a draft, it'd be very easy for me to run away to mexico. though canada sounds much better....

she's the mistake i would always gladly continue making

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But Jewish isn't a race. I've

But Jewish isn't a race. I've been told that I "can't be Jewish because I'm 'black'" and trust me, that kid is lucky that I'm not a violent person. Though that was one of the few times I got REALLY angry as a kid. And that didn't happen often.

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Judaism is a Religion

Not a race.

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I'm white....not even one or

I'm white....not even one or a few specific backgrounds of it, just a mix of whiteness. Too much traveling and too many divorces and adoptions in my family line to keep track.

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100% proud!

i'm proud to be an asian!!! :)

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Might Be Easier...

There are 3 primary races which all races supposedly decended from which are caucasian, negro, and mogolei.

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Irish-Sweed and so very pale.

Irish-Sweed and so very pale.

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Why the hell do you care???

in case you couldn't tell, I'm white as hell...but i don't think that race even exists...we've been debating it in my history class for a while, and even the teacher agrees w/ my argument that we are all a race, the human race...though we have divisions, we are not seperate races...

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Dutch, French, Spanish, and P

Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese, I am mostly Dutch though.

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i'm puertorican(latin) and loving it lol....

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a lot of things

i'm irish, french canadian, and african american