Werd to yo motha

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I don't know.....I just don't know! You know what? I don't know! Do you know? Cause I just really don't know. You know this? I really don't, no.

Aaanyway, I am swell as hell right now! I have nothing in particular to be happy about, but I'm feeling pretty good right now for some reason!.....hmmmmmm

I was looking at the L Word IMDb forum thing and there was a topic about "how can you tell if a girl is gay" and they were talking about a "slouch" that a lot of lesbians seem to have. I think I kind of have a slouch, but I try to correct it when I notice. I always thought it is just something that seems to develop from playing a lot of sports and stuff. It just seems like a lot of girls that play sports have that slouch. What do you think? Do you think the way a girl stands can be a tell sign?...Or what about the way she talks? Does that have anything to do with it? Its just so hard to ever know without outright asking. It seems like tells are harder to see with most lesbians compared with most gay men.


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Hi,now that you mention it I think I actually do have a tendancy to slouch as well.When I notice I'm doing it I try to correct it also.I'm not sure if you can tell if a girl is gay from how she stands,I don't think I have any gaydar so I'm probably a bad judge.
I agree that it is easier to spot some gay guys,but they are the sterotypical gay guys,I have been totally suprised in the past when a couple of guys I know came out.Anyways this was kind of a long ramble,sorry!

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I slouch but I ain't a lesbian.
Oh there can be signs, there can be butchness, there can just be a general vibe. But I don't think slouching makes you a lesbian

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oh lovely

I don't know either but I'm glad you're feelin swell as hell. My gaydar just picks up the way they stand, how short their hair is (not too reliable), the way they dress or just boyishness. Oh and artyness and individuality is a big factor coz I think us queer ones like to differ from the crowd a bit.. maybe?