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I've been soo busy lately! Whenever I have free time all I can do is lay down....I'm getting worn out! haha! Oh well, I like having lots to do. Time goes by so much faster when you're busy. I'm actually in a rush right now too...I just felt like writing something :)

I'm starting to crush on a lot of girls....not good! I don't even know them! Heh Stranger crushes are weird...but at least they don't make you feel sad because you can pretend that they're the meanest or nerdiest person ever. Or you can just get them out of your head by assuming they're straight. Fun to have crushes though!

There's a lot of new people posting on here! And nice to see that the good ol' regulars are still going strong! Lately I've been starting to comment on posts, but then end up not posting it because I don't finish before I have to go and do something or someone walks into the room.


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Time deffinitley goes by to

Time deffinitley goes by too fast. As for crushes i say the more the merrier lol.

She said live young and leave a wake of beauty,
it's all I ever could have asked
should have asked from you,
and I wont forget to write you
when I get there soon
cause you'll be lying dead from dreaming (nightmares)