Wow... Just wow...

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I slept over at Sora's. It was... Interesting to say the least. We were going to bed around like, 10:30. We slept on the couch for some reason. And she suddenley remembered that I wanted to talk to her.

It took me a little while, but I said it. I said "I'm a lesbian." And her reaction was totally unexpected.

You know what she said? I'll tell you what she said. She said "That's hot." (Spirits go up.) And then she says "If you get the hots for me I'm gonna run." (Spirits go down.) And then she said that I'm going to turn out bi. And I'm like "No. I don't like guys like that, I don't think I ever will." That was kind of annoying. And then she asked me stupid stuff like "You're still a Yaoi (Shohen-ai. Whatever.) fangirl right?" And I'm like "Yeah, I just like Yuri too." and stuff like that so I'm like "nothing's changed. Okay? I'm still the same person."

But wow. That was so weird. I wouldn't say it felt great. It was kind of akward. (Kind of really akward.) But. Yeah..

I woke up to her playing with my hair. But I didn't let her know I was awake, I wanted to see how long she would keep it up. Turned out to be a while. But then she checked to see if I was awake because my nose was a little clogged.

And, what's weird, is she acts like I didn't just come out to her or something. She still makes jokes about us being together and stuff. Actually, whenever we're both into the same series, we always assign ourselves characters now.. (Well, actually, she's doing the assigning.) And we always end up like, a couple or something. Like Sango and Miroku. (Me being Miroku.) Or Utena and Anthy. (I'm Anthy.) And etc...

But it was really nice today. We were sitting on the couch reading manga. (Yeah, a couch but we still sat really close together.) And she'd lean her head on mine and then stop. It was weird. But eventually we stopped reading manga and watched TV. (Her sister was in the room BTW.) and she leaned on me and I sort of burried my face in her hair. (I like how it smells. Okay?) Every so often she'd look up at me and we'd laugh. But she moved from leaning on my shoulder to having her head on my lap. (She had a pillow but still.) And we'd watch the show. But when it got gross (AKA, making. Ewww.) We'd like, hide under the blanket to block eachothers veiw. And we giggled so much that her sister kicked us out for being so noisy. XD

So we went up to her bedroom. And once we got up there we decided to go down two flights of stairs to bug her sister. She was reading my Utena Manga. And we were being silly again. We were joking and singing. She gave me a piggy back ride a little, and I attempted to give her one. And we danced a little. And stuff... And it's so weird. I expected her to be a little weird around me after coming out. At least for a few days. But she was like really close to me all day.

And the only reason I didn't kiss her while we were sitting on the couch was A. Her sister was in there and B. Beef breath. Yuck. But the cuddling was nice. But ever since she said that she'd run if I fell for her I've been so confused. Heh.

And I sort of accidentally-on-porpuse left my jacket in her room. An excuce to go back there or get her over here. But I didn't plan it. I was out the door on my way back and I'm like thinking. "I left my jacket there didn't I?" And then I think "Oh well."

Oh, and I scared her this morning. She said that she's always being told she has pretty eyes. By boys and girls, so I was like "you do." And she's like "...You just scared me." And I started laughing and said "That's the point."

But she probably can't come to the convention though. So I'm not going if she's not. Because conventions are lame if you go by yourself. And I could use the extra money.

Oh, and my dad knows that I like her now. I went to bug him and I sort of said "How-do-you-tell-someone-that-you-like-them?" And he's like "What?" and I'm like "You're NOT going to make me say that again." And thus, the conversation started. Eventually he guessed that I like Sora. And then he suddenly understood why I've been calling myself stupid. I wanted to tell him that I think she likes me back, (Actually, I think she liked me first.) But I decided against it. But when he suggested I give her flowers I told him that she's given me flowers before, on nermours occasions.

But anyways. I would not have seen that reaction from Sora from a mile away. "That's hot" she said. And she didn't just say it once either. Heh. I'm totally confused. But that's okay, I don't mind.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, since I came out to her, besides her actions, she's been acting more straight since last night. As in, pointing out cute guys or whatever. She hasn't done that in a while.. (Except, at the same time she's been acting more gay too. Don't ask because I have no idea. But it just seems that way.)

It's weird, it's like when I look in her eyes after she says something about me being her "girlfriend" or something. We start laughing. And I have this weird feeling. Sort of like we have this unspoken understanding. (Though in reality it seems like a lack therof.)

Comment please! I'm still not sure what to do with this reaction of hers. Heheh.


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wow. that is possibly the mos

wow. that is possibly the most confusing reaction that you could have been given. you may just have not wait a couple days and see what happens, which i know stinks. On the flowers note, since you've told her you are a lesbian, try giving her flowers now. roses perhaps?

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If I were in your position I

If I were in your position I would probably wait it out a bit. You just came out to her, now that she knows, if she is gay perhaps now she will come out to you. Plus from what I'v read, if you told her you liked her right now, she'd probably be a bit freaked out.

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Insert Intresting Title Here

Woot Woot 50 points Nayru for coming out to Sora!!!!! Congrats, and you finally get to eat lots of yummy chocolate! ^_^ Wow, you're recieving a lot of mixed signals(sry to be stating the obvious..). I agree with the others who have replied. Wait it out. Although she seems accepting of you coming out, I wouldn't want to push too much on her at once. If after a while, she STILL seems to be flirting with you, then I'd go ahead and tell her. Till then just savor the moments!And once again, congrats on telling her!!!


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Yay Nayru!

Congrats on coming out to Sora... this girl we've been reading about for a while now.

It's really strange that you're getting mixed signals. Honestly, though, there's not much you can do but wait. From what you've said it seems like if you say much more along the lines of "I like you." weird stuff will happen.

But! Her reaction is good. Much better than my first. (Positive)

So, again, good job. See how it goes.

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At last

At last you've come out to the grwat sora. I'm glad. I wouldn't worry about the reaction. True it's not exactly the best, but it's just because she doesn't know how to react. She'll still be a little shcoked and not knowing what to do. She will come round. Give it a couple of days and then see what the reaction is

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Wow, cheers on coming out! an

Wow, cheers on coming out! and, lord, it sounds awesome & totally innuendo-ish but confusing. I guess just wait it out like everyone else said.

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So, before I get to the intel

So, before I get to the intellegant part, I walked into the computer room and looked over my sister's shoulder to see what she was doing... and she was reading a Sora/Riku fanfiction. It made me chuckle.

Ugh... that's confusing. Let's look at this logically.

Good things: she doesn't hate you. As a matter of fact, she accepts you for who you are and chose not to change your relationship with each other.

About what she said: "If you get the hots for me I'm going to run." Perhaps she means what you're inclined to believe she meant; that she really would NOT want you to like her. Perhaps she means it'd freak her out and she wouldn't know how to react to something like this, because she isn't emotionally sound?
And then: "You're going to end up bi." She may be questioning bi, and wants to have someone to discuss it with. My onlykindofsortof girlfriend from camp asked me if I was bi because i was both a Yaoi and a Yuri fangirl. Perhaps there's a correlation here?

And the rest of everything: She probably just doesn't want things to change. She probably values a good friendship. Other than that, let her tell you how she feels in her own time... she doesn't need to be rushed.

And, if you remember NONE of what I just said, remember this: A friendship where you can cuddle is far better than a relationship where you cannot.

Be yourself. Because if you're busy being someone else, then who's gonna be you?

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hope this makes sense

Hey that's awesome you finally came out to Sora, her reaction was a little weird but it could have been a lot worse. But it seems like she's accepting and possibly confused herself? When my friend told me that our friend thought she was bisexual, I laughed and said something stupid. I was 14 and an asshole and still regret reacting like that.. still dunno why I did that. Probably so she wouldn't think I was queer (I was still confused at the time). Anyway I guess my point is, people put on an act if they are confused or scared themselves. So just give it time yeah :]

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psh when i came out to my cru

psh when i came out to my crush I got "I er...didn't expect...THAT" so i am very much jealous of this!

***love the number 7***

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Great news..

thats quite an accheivment for yourself...relish in it.