Yet another entry.

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I almost feel like I'm spamming the journal thing. X_X But I want to post more... And after this I'll stop for a while... Kay?

Sora's step-mom is really strict. I called Sora and talked to her a little, and I invited her over, and she went to ask, and I overheard her step-mom going on about some crud on the floor. And it would have been one thing if she was nice, but she was really mean about it. Mabye I'm just spoiled because my mom and aunt were always really nice about these things. Or mabye that amount of strictness reminds me of my grandma, the one I don't like. But either way Sora sounded like she was about to cry, and I guess I just get really defensive is someone upsets someone I care about. Older sister instincts? Or mabye it's just my greedy wish to see her again soon?

Well, after a little while she hung up. I just hope I can see her tomorrow or something. Because my house is so boring and lonley, especaily now that my mom and sister aren't here. (My mom took off and took my sister with her.) I might not be able to deal without someone to talk too. And it's not like I have any other good friends in the area. I actually only have two good friends, and one of them lives two hours away. One of the major downsides to being homeschooled and extremley shy.

I really need someone to talk too. ._.


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If you want to talk, PM me.

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Parents can be really strict

Parents can be really strict and they take there anger out on there kids. If you need someone to talk to feel free to IM or PM me.

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I've been reading your journa

I've been reading your journal entries, never had a chance to comment but for now- your situation sucks. For real. My sympathies dude. Keep on keeping on... and I know I've not exactly talked to you before, but if you wanna talk, you can IM me, pm me, or... something. I'm always open to new friends! So go ahead, if you want. Best luck!

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I guess a lot of people have

I guess a lot of people have said this, but... you can PM or IM me if you want. I'm always available, though I'm not very profound... ^^;

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