Your Beautiful Image Falling Apart

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Is your beautiful image falling apart?
You thought you knew me, huh?
Well, you were wrong

Does it matter?


What is your problem?
Why can’t you deal?

No I can’t change it
It’s the way I feel
And this is real

So now you know me

Are you disappointed?
Why can’t you handle?

No I can’t change
Believe me, I tried
So many god damn times

Your beautiful image has fallen apart
So what?
I’m still the same

I’m just gay
I’ve always been

No I didn’t choose it
It chose me
So you’ll just have to deal with it

Do you need help?
Or do you just want to forget?

To ignore?

I’m gay
I’m gay
I’m gay


Take my hand
It’ll all be alright

I know you still love me
You just have to show me

I’m gay
And all you have to do
Is Be OK.


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I like this

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt