a little help here please...

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okay, i have this friend i have been really liking. i dont know if i have a crush on her or what, but i really like her (like i want her to be a very very close friend). anyway, what has been happening is totally confusing me!!!

1. when we had a night together (we had an intimate talk one night in one of our friends' house), and she asked me to lie down with her and look at the night sky. (prior to that, i gave her a letter wherein i told her that i want to know her better. and then while we were having fun, she gently pulled me from our friends and talked about things, and that's how we ended up talking intimately) but i refused to lie down with her because i was bothered by my other friend, because before that, my other friend and i had a misunderstanding, and it was bothering me.

2. whenever we're together, she would show body languages, like holding my hands or putting her hand on my shoulder, or wrapping it around my waist. i dunno if she's like that to most of her friends, but there are more things (look at the next stuff)

3.then she keeps on telling me that she's happy whenever we're together, and then her other friend overheard it and said "how come you're not like that when we're together?"

4.she tells me that she reminds me of someone, and then her other friend would then again say, "how come you dont remember someone in me?"

5. she has been telling me that she wants to be a man, and that's her dream. and then on one occasion, my friend overheard her friend telling her, "now you are a man". (though this incident doesnt mean anything to me. except that she is kindda gay or something)

she's my classmate in my history class, and she's so warm to me during our history class, but when i try to speak to her outside our class, she seems so cold and different. what's up with that?

so what do those stuff mean? do those stuff mean anything at all, in the first place?! your help would be so so much appreciated! thanks!