A Right to Bare Arms

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I think
What I miss most about him
Is his scent
Familiar and soothing
Like an old friend’s face
After a drought of singularity
When its fantastic aroma
Wanders into my nose
A certain serenity drapes
Transparent arms about my shoulders
And my heart blossoms
Like a rose under
The springtime effect
A weight fills my eyes
My face
With longing
Is that
That our paths may have danced
Just a little differently
To a melody separate
Yet somehow the same
A flowering harmony
Cascading on eardrums
Lost in ecstatic seizures
But after the rift
Found in silence
I wish I could walk backwards
Through time’s infinite corridor
And end up in his arms again
And maybe if
Their essence were wood
Some other sturdy substance
I might be
Able to explain
How they feel
So much like home


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Yet another great one!

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