Always in trouble

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I have been in trouble so much lately.First I have been given at least a months worth of before and afterschool detention for things I didn't do(stupid sophomores).Second, I am so close to being suspended at work for standing up for myself.And third,me and my girlfriend are fighting again.All because fo some sophomore chick that has a thing for me(I can't help the fact that she likes me).I don't know why she does?I mean its not like I put a vibe out to be hit on by anyone,male or female.I just go about my days as the one that is "unobtainable" or incapable or being in a committed relationship,even though I am in a somewhat of a committed relationship secretly. I don't know but anyway,trouble just seems to follow me everywhere I go now,I just can't escape it no matter what I do!Maybe I should put more thought into this whole karma thing.Do unto others as you want others to do unto you...."sigh"..So many problems that bring me to ask questions.Dammit,here I go again with the questions(must stop all the questions!)